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Yellow and Grey Dog Cooling Vest


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Keep cool this summer with our new Sunshine Yellow Dog Cooling Vests. 

The Hugo & Hudson Dog Cooling Vest contains a comfortable cooling layer which is cool to the touch whilst in contact with your dog’s fur.

The absorbent inner layer absorbs water when soaked for a few minutes and the outer layer allows the water to evaporate.

As the heat of the day slowly evaporates the water moisture from within the coat, excess heat is drawn from your dog’s body, helping to keep them cool even in high temperatures.

Our design is adjustable, lightweight and available in either a cool blue or a sunshine yellow, complete with a portal for the attachment of a lead when the Cooling Vest is worn over a harness. 

 How to use your dog cooling jacket: 

Simply immerse the dog cooling jacket in cold water straight from the tap or even the sea!

Squeeze the excess water out and pop the jacket onto your dog for the ultimate cooling experience. 

Your dog will start to feel cooler almost immediately. 


It should be noted that the water within the jacket should be checked and replenished after 1 hour and particularly during high temperatures to ensure your dog keeps cool.



S Neck:38cm
Back side length:33.5cm

M neck:45.75cm
Back side length:50cm

L neck:58cm
Back side length:57cm

XL neck:66cm
Back side length:68.5cm