Dog Collars

Nothing comes close to an official Hugo & Hudson London™ dog collar, lovingly designed in London, UK.

Our designers have chosen the brightest and boldest colours and patterns to help you best match to your pets’ personality. Finished with stainless steel D-clips, clasp and rivets, made with premium fabric and materials.

We have dog collars to suit every occasion, our mesh dog collars are great for those dogs that love a swim and we have some beautiful tweed dog collars for when your dog needs to look their best.  We have plastic bone buckle dog collars and metal buckle dog collars and if you want to have the classic look our Hugo & Hudson London™ striped dog collars are perfect for you!

Once you have picked your perfect dog collar you will be able to find a matching dog leashes and dog harness or pick one of our dog leash and collar sets.