Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury Dog Beds


Give your dog the best start and end to the day with a Hugo & Hudson London dog bed. Contemporary design for the modern dog owner meets luxurious comfort for your beloved pooch.

Lots of dog’s sleep between 12-14 hours a day, so taking this into account, investing a luxury dog bed which is made from premium materials should be on top of your list. A comfortable bed will ensure a great night’s sleep, leaving them with the boundless energy to get them through the day.

Manufactured in the UK, the tweed yarns are woven to our unique designs with three finishing processes to provide fabrics that are soft, yet strong and durable. Browse the collection below!

Luxury Dog Bed Sizing

All of our dog beds are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Please find the full measurements on each dog bed page.

All dogs are different, just like their human friends. There isn’t a dog bed that suits all dogs, pooches are different in how they like a comfortable sleep. Information such as the dogs age, weight, sleeping style along with their habits – Do they chew everything in sight? Do they always bring mud into the house? These answers will help you to identify the right bed for your dog.

Just as when you choose a mattress for yourself, you’ll want to consider what makes your pup most comfortable. Especially when you consider how much time they spend sleeping.


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