About Us

Defining Hugo & Hudson

The defining hallmark of Hugo & Hudson is designing original designs from scratch with every detail of every product perfected. 
Our extensive research into all aspects of the manufacturing process has indeed led successfully to a distinctive and unique brand. We have travelled all over the world sourcing the best components and fabrics for our products. Attending pet trade shows from the USA to China has allowed us to gain insight and knowledge which has enabled us to design and create the best possible product using the best possible materials.

Hugo & Hudson will be exhibiting at pet shows all over the world so all pets can have as much style as Hugo & Hudson.

How We Formed

April 8th 2016. A date imprinted upon Katie’s mind forever when her beloved labradoodle, Dougal, died. Katie was inconsolable, grief stricken and bereft. All dog lovers who have been through this understand and those who haven’t, dread it.

After a time, with her house so empty and quiet, Katie spotted a beautiful, red labradoodle puppy playing on the beach. She badgered the lovely owner for the breeder’s details and discovered that they lived not too far away. She rang immediately and was thus introduced to Louis and Francesca who invited her to their home to meet their dogs. 
Katie was delighted to meet such friendly, informative people and such happy dogs, including a stunning Australian Labradoodle named Hudson, recently flown in from the USA. 
Louis and Francesca kindly agreed to let Katie have a puppy from a litter later in the year and that first meeting developed into a lasting friendship.
 During one of their discussions, Katie mentioned that she was considering setting up a Pet Accessories company in memory of dear Dougal.
 Louis and Francesca had been thinking along the same lines, as they always had trouble finding colourful, good quality collars and leads for their dogs.
 After much thought, Katie, Louis and Francesca decided to launch their own range of luxury pet accessories with the logo Hugo and Hudson

Our Products

Our specially made rivet with our Hugo and Hudson logo, adds strength and style to each collar and lead. We offer a choice of buckle; a high quality metal buckle or our very own bone shaped buckle, made from our own injection mould and stress tested to 147kg.

Our leashes include our bone shaped buckle so that your pet can be safely secured to a chair or table leg. The leashes also have our own design of hook which includes a 360 degree swivel, for an easy walking experience.

We wear hugo & Hudson For best